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Learn Word, Excel and PowerPoint

in Edu-learning software for Microsoft Office 2007 EN (English)

Edu-learning software contains training modules MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint, which covers standard courses for beginers and also advanced users. Each of modules is divided to lessons, which you can study independently, you can stop everytime or repeat the lesson.

Learn MS Excel

In the MS Excel module you will learn to work with tables, you will understand the contents and the properties of a cell and you will familiarize yourself with calculations, functions and other extensive options of the MS Excel. The module contains 17 educational lessons for beginners and advanced users.

In the initial lessons you will learn the fundamentals of working with tables and the cells formatting. Before formatting numbers you need to know how to create simple formulas. For more complex calculations it is often advisable to use more complex formulas or functions. When creating larger tables, you can work on multiple sheets and use references and names. You will learn to create impressive charts to represent data in the cells. Other subjects of this module include the settings of the print area, header and footer or other printing features. When working with large amounts of data in Excel you will find the database tools and some handy tools useful. The PivotTable is also a very interesting analytical tool. Advanced users will appreciate the form tools.

MS Office Excel 2007 EN - Training Lessons

Learn MS Word

In the MS Word module you will learn how to work with text, you will understand the structure of a text document and familiarize yourself with the use of tools in the MS Word. The module contains 15 educational lessons for beginners and advanced users.

During the first lessons you will learn about basic text editing, formatting fonts and paragraphs. Tabs will enable you to precisely align text in multiple subsequent paragraphs. Styles (set of formats) represent the most important tool for the formation of longer documents. Automatically numbered lists or bullets can be assigned to individual paragraphs. Another topic is the correct print setting of a document. If you work with text very often, a knowledge of the advanced text tools will help you a lot. Inserted tables, fields or hyperlinks are essential parts of a modern text document. The graphic design of a document can be improved by inserting a picture or using the drawing tools. Using mail merge you can create large amounts of personalized letters or prepare the printing of labels and envelopes.

MS Office Word 2007 EN - Training Lessons

Learn MS PowerPoint

In the MS PowerPoint module you will learn to create presentations and understand the structure of a slide and its master. The module contains 12  lessons covering more than just a standard course.

In the first lessons you will learn to work with individual slides (presentation screens), format fonts, paragraphs, bullets and numbering and to set effects for animation of individual elements. You will learn how to work with text easily in the outline view. Next you will learn to insert individual objects into a slide such as pictures, tables and charts. Using the drawing tools you can create an impressive scheme of organization chart. One of the most important elements of a presentation is the slide master, which sets the design and position of standard objects in the slide. Interactive presentation provides the user with controls using custom buttons or hyperlinks. Automatic presentation, which runs automatically, can be created using slide timing and the setting of transition effects. And finally you will learn to use other important presentation options and settings.

MS Office PowerPoint 2007 EN - Training Lessons

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